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Customer Satisfaction

We endeavour to reach technology, efficiency and performance we offer to our customers to anywhere in the country on the same level and in its fresh state with our professional cadre, who undergo an advanced training in their respective fields and through after sales service. 


What matters for us is to ensure that your instruments maintain their efficiency and capacity for years.

We always guarantee the use of original spare parts in the maintenance and repair of your instruments and systems.  All original spare parts are the same parts that are used in manufacturing the instruments and systems.

All your instruments within the guarantee period benefit from the Periodical Maintenance Service specifically prepared by our After Sales Service.

Periodical Maintenance System

Processes during the Periodical Maintenance are as follows:

  • Internal and outer cleaning of main and sub-products
  • Connection controls
  • Function tests
  • Replacement of expired materials
  • Adjustments intended for enhancing efficiency/validation 

Service Understanding after the Guarantee Period

All original spare parts to be installed in your instruments and systems during repair, falling aside of the guarantee, shall be under guarantee. 

ICON Algı Yönetimi ve Bilişim Sistemleri