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Application / Operation Training

The performance our laboratories are determined by the efficiency of our existing instruments and systems, the accuracy and reliability of measurements. In accordance with this purpose, our Application Experts complete application studies before routine operations are started and make your systems ready for routine operations in order to ensure the optimal performance of your laboratory systems.

The theoretical and applicable “Use and Maintenance Training” related to the use and maintenance of application-free instruments and systems are delivered by “After Sales Service” staff that regularly undergo training abroad and within the country. 

Accurate and Reliable Analysis Results

The accuracy and reliability of analysis results can be ensured with the accurate use of systems. On this ground, theoretical and applicable “Application Training” is organized by our Application Experts with respect to the use and maintenance of your systems.  Following the training, the “Application Follow-up” system is initiated to achieve a follow-up. 

Solution Partnership

Our Application Experts and “After Sales Service” staffs are by your side anytime during the day for your possible questions or the problems that might occur in the course of routine operations also after the application operations and user trainings. Our “Application Follow-up” process sets an example for this solution partnership. 

Technological development of Your Systems

Our expert cadre, keeping abreast of technological developments and innovations, ensures the application of possible technological modifications and upgrades on your existing instruments and systems.

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