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Project Management

Project generation requires knowledge, idea and experience!.. 
Our Objective 
For a precise processing system 


  • Incekaralar, which is playing a leading
    role in the modernization of health organizations in Turkey and equipping
    them with latest medical technology,
    is the first company in Turkey to achieve a turn-key hospital project comprising all phases from design to operation using modern project approaches.
  • Our dynamic operation organization is
    ready to sign successful new projects with its quality under structure and staff renewing continuously to meet modern requirements.
  • Providing the most proper technological products with the post appropriate solutions according to customer demands,
  • Adapting an approach to ensure a long-term business partnership, creating new synergies by sharing our knowledge and experiences
  • Enabling a well-qualified infrastructure and trained human resources,
  • Assembling the products and technologies of the internationally recognized companies under our leadership trademarks independent
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