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Tuttnauer’s first priority is that our hospital sterilizers are reliable 365 days a year efficiently meeting high volume demand. Tuttnauer specializes in sterilization and disinfection equipment for the Medical and Healthcare fields. Keep your environment safe from Medical Waste with high performance Tuttnauer Medical Wasteautoclave systems

    Central Sterile Supply Systems (For hospitals)
  • Large Autoclave Systems
  • Low Temperature Sterilizer Systems
  • Washer Disinfections
 Clinics & OR Sterilizer Systems
  • Low Temperature Sterilizers
  • Washer Disinfections
  • Medium Autoclaves
 Medical Waste Autoclave Systems
  • Medium Waste Autoclave
  • Large Waste Autoclave
  • Bulk Waste Autoclave

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ICON Algı Yönetimi ve Bilişim Sistemleri