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Olympus Europa SE & CO. KG


Micro-Imaging Solutions
The Micro-Imaging Solutions Division provides individual microscope system solutions for professional applications, such as medical training and diagnosis, and quality assurance in industrial manufacturing plants. Furthermore, it also provides state-of-the-art imaging and measuring systems for fundamental research in the natural and material sciences. 

New ideas for research
Cell research has made a number of astonishing discoveries over the past few years thanks to the enormous advances in microscopy. The confocal laser scanning microscope, and the realtime imaging system, provide researchers with new insights into the way the human body functions. 

The confocal laser scanning microscope, has also set new standards in the material science sector. Thanks to certified measuring precision and the best possible resolutions, it is now possible to examine even the smallest features of a surface. 

Microscopy made easy
The new, all-in-one solutions, allow even inexperienced users to achieve convincing microscopic images with conventional microscopes—something which up to now had only been possible for expert users.



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