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Where precision becomes an art…

Highest precision is fascinating! Optical components made of glass, quartz glass or calcium fluoride − they are an essential key component for facilities, instruments and machinery and thus ensure best possible results in various applications.  

Hellma Analytics

Being the global market leader, Hellma Analytics develops and distributes cells and optical components for laboratory equipment in modern analysis technology.

  • Cells
  • Micro-Volume-Analysis
  • Calibration Standards
  • Fibre Optical Systems
  • Flow Channel
  • Custom-designed Products
  • Calibration Services
  • Microsystems-Technology

Hellma Optik GmbH Jena 

Hellma Optik Jena can manufacture your optical components to superior quality for exacting applications in laser engineering and any other sub-area of photonics and the optical industry.

  • Cylinder optics
  • Toric optics
  • Flat optics
  • Special optics
  • Optical glass

Hellma Materials GmbH & Co. KG

Hellma Materials represents high-tech materials for various applications in lithography and makes Hellma Materials to one of the world's leading companies in advanced industries and a driving force in the further development of the semiconductor industry. 

  • Calcium Fluoride
  • Calcium Fluoride for lithography


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