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Vision / Mission / Strategy / Principles



  • To expand new horizons by extending our area of expertise, to excel in customer satisfaction by means of going beyond their needs and expectations. 
  • In line with our ethical principles, values, goals and strategies, to perform ultimate sales and after sales services, to consistently and clearly enhance the values we add to all our stakeholders and to the environment. 
  • To provide an ultimate service with the world’s leading brands of which quality have been recognized by international standards.
  • To continue to invest in human resources and cutting-edge technology 
Our customers are precious.
Our first priority is to create a surplus value in the direction of our customers’ requirements and expectations and to meet “Unconditional Customer Satisfaction”. It is our duty to be on our customers’ side and provide support for them through our sales and after-sales services. We prioritize to direct our customers without compelling and meet their demands.

Being sensitive, decent and honest.
We aim to be sensitive towards environment and society; fair, honest, and understanding in all our relations; in compliance with laws and code of moral; and, socially responsible. We comply with the laws and legal arrangements fastidiously and never make concessions on this subject.

Our target is to provide development of our sources and reach to the “better” one.

Our target is to realize the necessary investments by creating sources from our activities and providing rationalistic utilization of the entire sources. And in this way, we are determined to: bring in acceleration to the continuous development of our quality, service performance and sources; provide our partners with profit; assist our employees and society in their economic and social development; maintain and strengthen our company’s image; and be always in the position of a leader.

Our human resource determines our quality.
The quality of Incekara’s sales and after-sales services is attributable to the quality of our employees. Being the center of attraction for pretentious and capable young people, we benefit from their capabilities, powers and creativity. In return, we increase their productivity, provide them with the opportunity of development, and create a medium where cooperation and solidarity is emerging. We have chosen such an environment where intelligent young people can thrive as a way to maintain the continuity of Incekaralar.

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