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Social Responsibilities

We trust in the Future of Turkey...

The secret behind the success of Incekaralar in business life lies on the fact that it has carried out its activities even under the hardest conditions by trusting in the future of Turkey.  Incekaralar, believing that the institutional development depends solely on the development of the country and the welfare of society, has put its signature under plenty of civil society initiative projects until present 

Projects Supporting Educations

It signed its name under the following projects
for the purpose of adopting contemporary life
and universal values and contributing to the enlightened future of Turkey, which steadily follows a path to become an information
society, through a modern substructure...

We are Accountable to the Society

We are aware of our social responsibilities in light of our guiding institutional values, culture, ethical understanding and with our employees possessing high social sensitivity. 

Incekaralar, gaining a sound place in its broad social service range encompassing government bodies, non-governmental organizations, private and government institutions, and individuals, attaches particular importance to training. 

We always uphold the idea of bringing up conscious and educated youth for an enlightened Turkey today and in the future.

Incekaralar Elementary School, Hüseyin Avni İncekara Science High School and Campus, and Nevsehir University, Health Services of Incekara constitute the first step of our society. 

In light of our values, we materialized many projects in the basic areas of life such as education, culture, health and environment in an attempt to contribute to Turkey. We continue fulfilling our social responsibilities through new projects.

Projects Supporting Enviromental   
Turkey’s “First Public Green Building” 
Huseyin Avni Incekara Science High School Dormitory

Projects Supporting Culture and Arts

To thrive cultural and artistic life of country, to provide nation with contemporary, qualified and different artistic events


 Projects Supporting Health 

Initiatives taken in health-related issues in tune with its “Outright Service” understanding 


Projects Supporting Sport


To increase childrens and young peoples interest in sports...
 The other 



The Spirit of Turkey Campaign, Aid Campaign for Gölcük Earthquake, Rainbow Project 

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