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Since 1951 until today... 

Incekaralar, as one of the leading establishments in the areas of medicine and laboratory technologies, has been signing its name, along with the world’s leading brands, in technological studies and projects at the utmost level for more than sixty five years. 



Huseyin Avni Incekera who passed away in 1994 laid the foundation of the Incekara Inc by establishing the H. Avni Incekara Firm on August 8, 1951. It carried on business in the areas of optical medicine & technical instruments by obtaining franchises from the East Germany for the first time. 


It took the franchise of Olympus Firm in 1954 and engaged in business with Japan for the first time. 
Incekara, being a sole proprietorship, acquired an incorporation statue on May 17, 1973 in the light of a modern operating concept. The increasing business volume, changing economic structure, the efficient and extensive business operations of the company, the division of labour in the sector and the aspiration for maintaining business understanding raised the necessity of a new organization. 


Incekaralar Laboratory Instruments Marketing Ltd Co (Incekaralar Laboratuvar Cihazları Pazarlama Ltd Sti) was established on October 23, 1979.



The rapidly emerging Incekaralar Laboratory Instruments Marketing Ltd. Co has been carrying on its activities as Incekaralar Laboratory Instruments Marketing Inc (Incekaralar Laboratuvar Cihazları Pazarlama A.S.) as of October 16, 2000.

Incekaralar Medical Instruments Consultancy, Project and Trading Ltd Co (Incekaralar Tibbi Cihazlar Danismanlik, Proje ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti), established in Diyarbakir on December 14, 2000 with an eye to support the efforts by the State to generate employment in the priority development regions and to boost the economic and commercial life of the country, continues its consultancy, sales and service activities in the region. 

2010 Incekaralar Tibbi Cihazlar Ticaret A.S. was founded on March 23, 2010. 
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