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We Work for the future of Turkey and the life quality of Turkish People

Incekaralar, believing in the value and importance of human life, contributes to the improvement and development of health care services in Turkey by providing reliable diagnose and treatment opportunities by use of sophisticated medical instruments and systems of international brands.

Incekaralar, keeping abreast of all technological developments in the industry just as in the health-care sector, offers reliable products that exceed the various needs and expectations of customers under national and international conditions; in addition to introducing innovative systems and instruments of the world’s leading brands renown for biggest investments in technology, which are manufactured in a manner to conform to the ultimate international quality standards and respond to particular demands.

Incekaralar, which provides far-reaching and customer-oriented technological solutions and brings the user and technology together, expands its activity areas in a way to encompass drugs affecting the human health directly or indirectly, chemistry, all sorts of food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, agriculture, environment, energy, textile, painting, glass, automotive, electronics, metallurgy, mining and oil etc. .Incekaralar increases the productivity of the R&D and manufacturing phases of plants and infrastructure facilities in Turkey by virtue of quality control systems it supplies to the industries.

Incekaralar has been rendering consultancy service through its Project Department since the early 1970s in terms of world class turn-key hospital and laboratory projects. Incekaralar, as a firm assuming an active role in the modernization of the health-care institutions in Turkey and equipping them with the contemporary medical technology, stands as the first firm to have materialized a turn-key hospital project which encompasses all phases from project designing to operating.  

The project activities of Incekaralar, along with pre-project consultancy and feasibility studies for new investors on hospital and all kinds of R&D laboratories, involve the exclusive supply of requirements- including the identification of essential hardware needs, construction, installation, application, user training, maintenance and service, consultancy service on operating and the modernization of existing hospitals, R&Ds and quality control laboratories.

The Project Department of Incekaralar offers the most appropriate solutions by identifying the customer needs accurately, ensures qualified and trained human resources by adopting a long-term business partnership approach and brings the customer together with the world’s leading firms possessing cutting-edge technology.

Incekaralar, today, through its modern project approaches, provides state-of-the-art technology turn-key projects widely ranging from criminology laboratories to food laboratories, from chemistry laboratories to mining laboratories and to the hospitals rendering services in diversified health-care branches.

Incekaralar, in addition to the aforementioned services, has adopted the Quality Management System with an aim to achieve “Customer Satisfaction” during and after sales services and to ensure its continuity. To this respect, it attaches the required importance to human resources, the efficient and conscious use of resources, and to training etc as well as to technology. It sets great store on continuous training of its employees so as to be able them to be equipped with necessary knowledge regarding the area of use of products represented by it, user training, application, maintenance, repair and etc required during and after sales.

Incekaralar, having adopted bringing the world’s leading brands, of which quality is recognized by international standards, together with the expert users in health-care and industry sector, rendering and maintaining service at the utmost level and improving the quality of life of our people as a principle, has been one of the pioneering establishments in health-care and industry sector in Turkey since 1951 by dint of its advanced technology and quality services. Today and in the future, it will carry on working with its professional and modern management for the purpose of maintaining its investments in human resources and in the advanced technology, and standing as an emerging value with an understanding that aims at protecting its employees, stakeholders, customers, people and the environment.

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