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We have been, for sixty five years, and will be by your side with our Research and Development R&D, quality control and production technologies besides the high-tech instruments and systems provided for hospitals to the end of offering reliable diagnose and treatment opportunities.

Vision / Mission / Strategy / Principles
Ethical Values

  • To expand new horizons by extending our area of expertise, to excel in customer satisfaction by means of going beyond their needs and expectations. 

We have believed in “Fair Trade” since the establishment. This means that we have successfully created an honest image and so we are determined to apply...

Company Profile Business Portfolio

We provide high-technology with the purpose of improving the quality of life of our people, and we take confident steps towards the future by getting strength from our name and experiences. 

Incekaralar, believing in the value and importance of human life, contributes to the improvement and development of health care services in Turkey by providing reliable... 

Awards History

Incekaralar is an organization that has obtained respectability in the sector due its devotion to and seriousness in business. 

Incekaralar, as one of the leading establishments in the areas of medicine and laboratory technologies, has been signing its name, along with the world’s leading brands, in technological studies and projects at the utmost     

Social Responsibilities  

We are aware of our social responsibilities in light of our guiding institutional values, culture, ethical understanding and with our employees possessing high social sensitivity.   

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